It Begins (Began?)! Trophies, Stickers, Pins, Zine!

Featured image by @ericradiation

What’s up, squelchers?

#squidgnomesummer started just over a week ago on June 21, and guess who failed to make a post to kick off the event? This guy! Turns out summer is a busy time.

Many folks have already been contacting me and posting their ideas and WIPs on Instagram. It’s exciting to see what you are creating! Keep it up!

My good friend Arjan, AKA, posted a wonderful video that details his process of creating this year’s trophies! I highly recommend giving it a watch.

This year’s sticker designs were finalized and sent to the printers last week, and were approved this week. They’re now in production. I’m excited to show these to you below! The type logo is by @neuicon of CVLT OV CPOP, and the Squid Gnome character is by Both were colored by yours truly!

The same is true of this year’s enamel pin. It’s in production right now! Below is a mock-up of this year’s one-inch enamel pin on backer card, with art by @sporehammer

The 2022 edition of the Slug Wizard Zine perhaps deserves its own post, but why leave it out of this one? I’ve completed the design of the cover utilizing a retro White Dwarf style and a fantastic illustration inked by @ericradiation. Some small details may change prior to printing (the text on the corner banner, for instance), but this is largely true to what will be the final cover’s appearance.

What will be in the zine, you ask? The contents are a work in progress, but so far there will be:

  • Background on the Slug Wizard city of Atheb’qytet
  • Details regarding the origins of the Squid Gnomes
  • A look at the daring Slug Wizard Hunters
  • New rules and cut-out standees for Brawl Arcane 28
  • A promo for the upcoming game Bloodsport Gambler
  • Model showcases of both last year’s and this year’s winning miniatures
  • Original artwork from the Slug Wizard community
  • …and more!

That “…and more!” bit is where YOU come in. We’d love to hear what ideas you have and what you’d like to see in the zine. If you have anything you’d like to contribute, please get in touch through Instagram or by e-mail ( I can’t promise I’ll be able to use everything that’s sent in, but I’ll do the best I can! Don’t worry too much about formatting or making it pretty, you can leave that to me!

I’ll be working on the zine throughout the event, and am aiming to have it ready-to-print 1-2 weeks after the close of the event. Therefore you have ample time if you’d like to get something ready for it.

All of these items will be available for pre-order later on, with all proceeds going to I’ll absolutely let you all know when that happens!

Thanks for reading! Keep on creating!
– Bryan (Magus Limaxus)