Slug Wizards is a community.
These are its people.

Zine Contributors

A.D. MacRitchie
Ana Polanšćak
Arjan van den Brink
Ben Doane
Brett Evans

Chris Beckhusen

Chris Marchl

David Aho

Dellon Myette

Dillon Morton


Eric Radey

Evan Hough

Greg Smalling


José Kuhlmann

Mark Meloro

Matt Ross

Nicolai Østergaard

Simon Schnitzler

Steve Rowlinson

Tanner Simposon

Tyler Greco

Ville Hirvonen

William Ford

Damian Zari


We are indebted to these fine people for their support.

Atelier AG

Sculptor, painter, YouTube creator. The generous and kind soul who sculpted and cast the 2022 trophies.

Bestiarum Games

Creators of high-quality .STL models and literature pertaining to the fictional dark-fantasy world of Doaden.


Run by Mark Meloro, Crushpop Productions (CPOP) publishes exciting miniatures rulesets. Other brands under the CPOP banner include CVLTCRAFT, a line of hobby paints and accessories, and MONOLITH, an indie publishing platform.

Ill Gotten Games

Innovator of original tabletop and RPG games incorporating accessible 3D printing technology. Founded by Arian “Dutchmogul” Croft and Jeremy Larsen.

Kevin Rahman-Daultrey

Writer of Forbidden Psalm, Kill Sample Process, and Forbidden Psalm: The Last War, Kevin has ignited the imaginations of hobbyists and gamers everywhere with his tabletop adaptations of RPG titles by Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.

Mammoth Miniatures

Nic Evans started Mammoth Miniatures as a way of making his hand-sculpted, resin-cast miniatures available to the public. He also publishes original rules for tabletop gaming in a variety of settings.

The Surface World

Since 2015, Django Powell has been working to create a fictional Sand-Punk setting: The Surface World (TSW). Its tales and characters are set on the last remaining planet in known-space, a dust-ridden sphere named Adaetus. Django now sculpts digital miniatures and has an online store full of original and exciting figures.