Slug Wizard II: Rise of the Squid Gnomes

Get ready: the annual Slug Wizard event is almost here!

If you’re new here, welcome. Really, all you need to know is that this event is about community, creativity, and charity. And slugs. And now squid. But more on that in a moment.

A napkin sketch over a cup of coffee in the winter of 2021 – inspired by the madness of Matt Ross, AKA @totally_not_panicking – evolved into an event during which sixty people from around the globe created miniature “Slug Wizards.” A group of judges awarded prizes to a handful of the creators, and thanks to the generosity of our participants, over $1200 was raised for The Bail Project.

Videos were created, indie game designers published scenarios and rules revolving around Slug Wizards, small miniatures manufacturers provided prizes, we made a zine… It was a goooood time.

And we’re doing it again.

This year, the theme is Rise of the Squid Gnomes!

In the newly-constructed cliffside city of Atheb’qytet, our beloved Slug Wizard heroes have been practicing magic over the last year, and in the process created a mystical liquid runoff. This arcane byproduct leached into the ground and through the cracks in the earth, mutating and transforming the inhabitants in the caverns below. These creatures are now emerging from their caves, and the Slug Wizard conclave has been thrown into chaos over disagreement on how to deal with this bizarre and potentially-dangerous turn of events.

Your challenge this year is to create and paint a Squid Gnome between June 21-Sept 21!

If you missed out last year, you are more than welcome to create a Slug Wizard instead. Or make both! Get the details here.

There will be goodies available, including a new enamel pin design (and a limited backstock of last year’s pin as well, if you missed it!), new stickers, and printed versions of both last year’s zine AND a brand new one that we’ll be creating together as a community during this event! Proceeds from the sale of this swag will be donated to, a non-profit committed to restoring the ocean for the benefit of all creatures and mankind.

There will be prizes again this year, including these beautiful trophies skillfully sculpted and cast by (who also did the incredible illustration higher up in this post):

Stay tuned to this website and to the Slug Wizard Instagram page for more information in the coming days and weeks as the event unfolds.

I’m so excited to see what everyone creates! Please send me a message if you have any questions or would like to get involved with this year’s zine!

Talk soon and keep on creating,
Magus Limaxus (@ibrewtiny)