Slug Wizards


The hunters are hot on the slimy trail…
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The day is finally here! It’s the beginning of the third annual competition… And the start of a new chapter in the Slug Wizard story!…

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Punk AF. Issue 1.

Imagine that the weirdos at your local game store – the ones that play the most obscure roleplaying games of which no one has ever heard – got access to the giant copier in the back room and made something wild about a wizard that was transformed into a slug-like being. This is that.

It’s been reformatted and expanded to feature a color gallery of every single entry from 2021’s Slug Wizard I event.

Download it here.

Vintage vibes. Issue 2.

Foggy images exist within your mind of an influential hobby magazine from your childhood. Suddenly, THIS appears, causing those fragments of memory to come together and crystallize… And the feeling makes you smile like a kid again.

This is an ambitious 36-page publication, featuring loads of stories, rules for indie games that are gonna become your new favorites, beautiful illustrations, photographs, and more.

Download it here.