The annual Slug Wizards event is an excuse to get weird and have fun with the miniature modeling hobby.

Each year, a theme is announced, and ANYONE is invited to create something and submit photos for the chance to win prizes (and maybe a little bit of fame)!

It all started when Bryan saw this figure created by Matt Ross (@totally_not_panicking). It’s a mash-up of plastic parts from Bestiarum Games and Games Workshop.

You lost me at “Miniature Modeling.” Huh?

No worries! There are thousands of folks who enjoy building and painting tiny scale figures and dioramas. Anytime you see jargon like “25mm” or “#suchandsuch28,” it’s pretty much just a reference to the figure scale (height in millimeters). Think “model trains” or “army men” but with a heavy dose of weird fantasy/sci-fi à la D&D or whatever and you’re pretty much there.

Cool. So how do I get started?

All you need are some plastic model kits/toys/figures/trash to chop up, some clippers and a scalpel to do the chopping, the glue of your choice (we recommend super glue), acrylic paint, and an overactive imagination! Check out the gallery links in the header menu for some inspiration!

Tell me more about this event. Hunted?

Submissions are open for three months – from now until September 21st, 2023.

We award prizes to the top three entries. We make cool merch. We donate to charity: in 2021, we raised over $1200 for The Bail Project, and in 2022 we raised $250 for The community comes together to make awesome publications filled with cool illustrations, fun stories, rules for indie tabletop games, and pictures of amazing models.

And we want you to be part of the #slugwizards community.

(We’re most active on Instagram, so head over there and give us a follow if you want to stay up-to-speed. We’ll update this site, too.)

So get to it. What’s hunting the Slug Wizards?! Show us!