It Ain’t Over Yet! Deadline Extended!

You probably came here to check out the site on the final day, to figure out where to send images of your entry ( or to see if you’re too late to take part in the competition this year. Well guess what?

Entries are now due Monday, Sept 26.

You have five more days! Plenty of time to put together a Squid Gnome or Slug Wizard! Get going!

Prize Support Updates

I’m pleased to announce that Bestiarum Miniatures has generously contributed the following squid-ly items as prizes:

STL Bundle

1st place: 1x “Shambler 1” model (physical), 1x “The N’Gorroth” STL Collection
2nd place: 1x “small model “Fisherfolk 2” model (physical), 1x “The N’Gorroth” STL Collection
3rd place: 1x “The N’Gorroth” STL Collection

In addition, Ill Gotten Games has created a set of Squid-Gnome-themed miniatures for their game Pocket Tactics. The first place winner will receive a 3D-printed copy of the Pocket Tactics: Core Set plus a 3D-printed set of the “House of the Star-Squid” Faction, created specially for the Slug Wizard II event, for use in the game!

The Surface World: SWII-Exclusives!

The ever-talented Django Powell, creator of The Surface World, has created a set of four Squid Gnome miniatures in his unique style, and we’re pleased to announce that we will have a limited number of 3D-printed sets of them available for purchase soon. We’ll also have the STL set available for purchase. As with all of the Slug Wizard merch, all proceeds will go to charity. A reminder that this year, the organization chosen is Oceana. Our oceans are precious and we want to help this non-profit to restore them as best they can.

That’s all for now. More news later this week. As always, send any questions or comments to or via Instagram to @ibrewtiny or @slugwizards. Cheers to all of you! 🙂

-Magus Limaxus, AKA Bryan