Slug Wizard III: Winners

Summer has gone, fall is here, and it’s time to honor the winners of Slug Wizard III: Hunted.

There were thirty-two wonderful entries this year. I wanted to award more than three (I had trouble enough stopping at four!), but I want to congratulate each and every one of you for completing your projects and taking the time to send me images. I hope you all enjoy looking at all the wonderful work as much as I do. The full gallery has been posted but I felt it only right to publish a post specifically to exhibit the winners.

Read on and be inspired…

Honorable Mention: Gilby – @warhamandpaint

From the creator:

“Headshot Herb is a sentient lettuce with the body of a man who is seeking revenge. Slug wizards ate his lettuce family and he is the only survivor. He carries a big gun which he loads with salt from a salt shaker he carries on his back. He stands in front of the remains of an expired lettuce. I’m not sure why he is wearing a ripped shirt and pants and boots but it made sense at the time. One hand is a root, which he uses to inspect the slug slime on the expired lettuce leaf!”

Who doesn’t love the story of prey becoming predator? And the banner’s reference to Warhammer is just too good to miss.

3rd Place: Arlo S. – @arlo.artistry

From the creator:

“The two slug wizards [are] Arch-Mage Limaxpurgat the Mucilaginous (right) and Gigewaxlain, Fodder Priest of The Blemished Bastion. The duo are casually conferring to each other about the gurgling Slugwrens (Limaxpurgat’s wizard staff can’t stop itself from chiming in), unaware that a phalanx of Squid Gnomes are silently tracking them by mucus scent from underground tunnels! “

I’ve always welcomed entries other than just miniatures, and I am thrilled to honor this deserving illustration with an award this year. Loose and expressive, yet detailed and distinct. Congrats, Arlo!

2nd Place: Pete W. – @theweaselwizard

From the creator:

I based it around the idea “there’s always a bigger fish,” and then it ran away and ended up with me going “I’ll just add this in as well” a lot. I’ve tried to get bigger and bigger as it went, leading up to the talons at the end. A lot of lunches and some short 10 to 30 minute sessions after work went into it. I kitbashed from Warhammer right though to Playmobil, but I’ve tried to make as much as I could from scratch.

This might be the largest entry we’ve ever received, but it boasts more than just impressive size. It’s festooned with details – he even managed to squeeze in a bovicomp! If you’re not sure what that is, check out the story ‘A Necessary Exchange’ from last year’s zine…

1st Place: Simon S. – @4ydra

From the creator:

Heynrych von der Waxenfurt fastened the faint green glowing container on his belt. The gristly work was done. At least for the moment. His loyal steed was still sound, fully chewing on what once was one of these abominations, called Slug Wizards. This one had been tough to bring down and Heynrych had tended to his own wounds first, before getting his tools out to harvest the precious fluid. This MucoPoly was worth more than gold here… in this… Dimension. A brief flash of memory passed by; how he was sent out by his bishop to investigate a series of unholy events in a small village; how his search brought him to a swamp and the things that lived there; how he fought, lost and head to fleet for his pity life, heading deeper and deeper into the swamp; how he tripped, fell and landed on green grass; how he looked around in disbelief only to see something closing in mid air what he now knew as a portal. And finally, how he set to work again, fulfilling his duty in this weird otherworldly surrounding; undaunted. One day, he would have gathered enough resources to pay someone to rip open one of these portals that would bring him back home. Him and the wonderful artifacts, weapons and most of all his loyal steed, that he had found in this dimension. And then, he would go back to this swamp and root out the vile creatures that had brought him here.

This model truly captures the spirit of Slug Wizard – playful yet bizarre, colorful yet grimy, a bit goofy yet weird. Masterful sculpting and a perfect paint palette catapults this singular model into the spotlight. Mister Hydra has been engaged in the Slug Wizard madness since the beginning, so it is with great pleasure that we welcome him back into the winners’ circle with a well-deserved first place finish.

Congratulations to Simon, Pete, Arlo and Gilby!

Thanks to all of you who participated. I am continually humbled by your enthusiasm, skill, and just all-around goodness.

Magus Limaxus/Bryan Ruhe