Slug Wizard II: Winners

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived.

Nick Borelli (@moldmoldmold), Tanner Simpson (@simpsominiatures) and I spent some time looking over all 46 entries. We narrowed the bunch down to 9 finalists, then started assigning values of 1-7 to five highly-scientific criteria:

  1. Level of Gnome/Wizard-y-ness
  2. Level of Squid/Slug-y-ness
  3. Originality
  4. Execution
  5. Fun

The scores were then added and averaged, giving us a score out of 35 for each finalist entry.

It was difficult narrowing down the entries, but we are all very pleased with the results and are so proud of everyone that entered.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

3rd Place: Greg S. – @kavernofcuriosities

From the creator:

“The main inspiration for my entry came from the realization that a squid has the same shape as an old rocket from classic mid-century science-fiction. From there the ideas came very quickly and easily, and the whole concept kind of fell into place. I had one big setback where my first batch of polymer clay tentacles fell apart in baking and I had to start over again. I did finish just in time though!”

“This was the biggest project I’ve attempted in 10 years, and I’m really pleased with the result and feel like I learned a lot.”

Greg Smalling

2nd Place: Dídac C. – @ddpaints

From the creator:

When I saw the early cryptic announcements for the Squid Gnome event, I was hyped. After reading the Squid Gnome lore, I started thinking about what to model.

“I missed the chance to participate in the first Slug Wizard event in 2021, so I felt bound to add a Slug Wizard to the entry, as well. A duel was afoot!”

Dídac C.

After much trial and error (and lots of pinning and greenstuff), I fit all of the action on the base, with each duelist to one side and the clash of powers between them. I went for a colorful but desaturated palette, with the exception of the bright pink magic slime shield – spells should be colorful! I made the magic shield by wrapping a small lightbulb in cling film, then dropping UV resin over it.

1st Place: Johan P. – @lukewarm_reception

From the creator:

I racked my brain for months trying to come up with the perfect tribute for our Slug Wizard overlords. Exhausted and filled with despair, I sat down in my workshop. Only a package of Milliput, three fantasy goblins and a 2mm hole punch lay in front of me. Suddenly, two weeks had passed, and my hands were covered in super glue and sawdust flocking. My body barely held together, having survived on nothing but dirty paint water.

“But there before me it stood, my perfect creation, my magnum opus. I could only hope that it would be enough to please the council.”

Johan P.

Congratulations to Johan, Dídac, and Greg!

Thanks to all of you who participated. Every single entry was so full of creativity and inspiration.

Magus Limaxus/Bryan Ruhe